Don’t Judge Me


They say children can be cruel. This is because they judge their fellow classmates. They can’t help it; it’s what children do. It is this judgement, though, that can lead to bullying. What these children don’t realise, is that they’re possibly scarring their victim for life. Victims of bullying can bear the scars for years.

One of the things you can do for your child, is tell them how important it is to treat others as they themselves would like to be treated. Let them know that judging others harshly is unacceptable and that bullying is very harmful to other people. If your child is being bullied, them help them to understand that it is the bullies who have a problem and not them. Make sure that you let your child know just how much you love them and what a great person they are. A child needs love and support, especially when they are being judged harshly by other children. Children need acceptance and if they aren’t getting this from their classmates, then make sure you provide this loving support for them at home.

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