How To Love Yourself


Loving yourself should be something that comes naturally. It is easy to love those you are close to, such as family members. The parents amongst you will understand the unconditional love that comes with having children, yet how many of you can honestly say that you love and accept yourself exactly as you are?

Loving yourself is one of those taboo subjects that nobody likes to talk about; there is an embarrassment or shame attached to admitting you love yourself. It is often used as an insult – ‘look at her, she loves herself doesn’t she?’ is a typical example of how loving yourself is seen as a negative thing. Loving yourself doesn’t mean you are vain; being vain means being obsessed with your appearance; however, loving yourself means appreciating the inner you – the spirit inside your physical body. Acceptance is the most important thing – being happy with who you are.

If you are like a lot of people, you will probably put others’ needs before your own. You may feel unworthy of love. Perhaps you constantly put yourself down or think negative thoughts about yourself. This is self-destructive and leads to unhappiness, stress and sometimes illness. One of the easiest ways to start to love yourself is to start putting your own needs first. Make sure you take some time for yourself each day. Your family members will understand that you need some time to relax. Find something you enjoy doing, such as reading a good book or soaking in a hot bath and think about how great you are as a person. Think about all of your achievements – the things you are proud of. You will then start to see yourself as worthy of being happy and loved.

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Don’t Judge Me


They say children can be cruel. This is because they judge their fellow classmates. They can’t help it; it’s what children do. It is this judgement, though, that can lead to bullying. What these children don’t realise, is that they’re possibly scarring their victim for life. Victims of bullying can bear the scars for years.

One of the things you can do for your child, is tell them how important it is to treat others as they themselves would like to be treated. Let them know that judging others harshly is unacceptable and that bullying is very harmful to other people. If your child is being bullied, them help them to understand that it is the bullies who have a problem and not them. Make sure that you let your child know just how much you love them and what a great person they are. A child needs love and support, especially when they are being judged harshly by other children. Children need acceptance and if they aren’t getting this from their classmates, then make sure you provide this loving support for them at home.

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