Natural Magic


Natural Magic is when we use natural laws to bring about positive changes. Natural magic has nothing to do with black magic or anything evil; it is about doing good things for other people and can include various forms of healing and herbalism.

Natural magic can also include things such as astrology, physics and chemistry, as these are disciplines that use natural laws to bring about certain effects. For instance, physics is the study of the universe. People are becoming increasingly aware of the power of positive thinking and manifestation. Physicists have shown that particles change their behaviour based on whether or not people were looking at them, or not. If all of the universe is made up of vibrating particles that create energy, then we can use this knowledge to manifest the things that will make us happier. Astrology uses the position of the planets to forecast future events and chemists use the periodic table of elements, which are natural substances that can be used to create compounds that can be used for various things, from medicine to electricity. Now isn’t that magic? – creating something new and useful, from things we find in the natural world.

Crystal healing is a form of natural magic, as crystals have been found to have special powers. Each crystal is thought to possess certain properties that can help with various problems from insomnia to lack of confidence. Some crystals are used for protection. White witches often use crystals in their spells.

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The Beauty Of Meditation


It is believed, that the first known use of meditation took place at least 15,000 years ago with hunter-gatherers. Cave paintings have been found showing people lying on the ground in meditation. These people are believed to be shamans who would use meditation to achieve a trance like state; And while in this state, they would consult the spirits for help when they hunted animals for food. The earliest recorded writings about meditation occurred in India about 5,000 years ago. They appear in the Vedas, (Books of Knowledge,) which are sacred Indian scriptures.

During the 6th century BC, Hindu Prince Siddharta Gautama was happy and wealthy. Although he was happy, he learned that not everyone else was satisfied with life. One day he sat down under a tree, folded his legs and began to look deep into his mind. After seven days of meditation, he awoke with new found knowledge. He became known as Buddha. Buddha had learned how to quiet his inner thoughts and develop a strong form of concentration. Buddhism began to spread and the religion and practices of meditation eventually made its way to China and Tibet. Since this time, particularly since the 1960′s and 70′s, the practice of meditation has made its way to the west. Where this beautiful peaceful practice has gained great popularity and respect.

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Spiritual Awareness


Spiritual awareness is being open to the idea that there is a God, or a higher power that is leading you through life. It is being open to the messages you receive from this higher power, through your intuition. You don’t have to be psychic to develop your spiritual awareness, either; although, psychics do tend to have a highly-developed intuition and some psychic mediums are able to communicate directly with spirit. You can develop your intuition by practising regular meditation; this just means emptying your mind. When you first start to meditate, you may find that the worries of the day keep flitting through your mind, but don’t worry – this is perfectly natural. The more you practise meditation, this will happen less and less until you are able to clear your mind, for at least a few minutes per session. During these few minutes, you may find a unique sense of peace. This is your connection to spirit. You may receive messages from your intuition in the form of symbols, or other thoughts. You may want to make a note of these, after your session.

So, what is spirit? Spirit is another word for the soul. We are spiritual beings living in a physical body and it is a common belief, in many religions, that, once we die, the soul, or spirit, leaves the physical body and returns back to the spirit world. When mediums contact deceased friends or relatives, they are talking to the spirits of those who have passed. This can be comforting for many people, because it is proof of the existence of the afterlife.

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Automatic Writing


Automatic writing is exactly what is says. Writing automatically without thinking about what you will write.  People commonly think of this technique in connection to their psychic development. But it can also be used as a therapeutic tool for self awareness and self growth. Through a question and answer scenario, you can explore area’s of your life that are troubling you. You write down your question; then, without thinking about it, write down exactly what comes to mind. Even if it is only one word answers; by free association thinking, this method can give you some interesting insight, as to where you are ‘at’ mentally and emotionally. Some of your answers might surprise you! It is believed by cutting out the ‘middle man’ your ‘conscious mind’, and working straight from the ‘unconscious’, you are getting straight to the source of the problem.

The conscious mind, can and does cause conflict and distortion through our fears and ego. The unconscious mind is not hampered by this problem.

By far the most commonly held association for the term ‘automatic writing’ is that which involves opening oneself up to not only your own subconscious but also to spiritual beings and entities who might have some positive information and wisdom to share with you. If you are contemplating doing this, or any type of psychic/spiritual practice it is important to use grounding and protection. For those of you who are unfamiliar with these terms, let me explain them for you. Grounding is the earthing of your energy to the natural energy field of the earth. If you are not grounded you may feel light headed, and off balance. Protection is a psychic shield that protects your auric field. It is through the auric field that we process the energy we come into contact with.

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