Mindful Living In The World


This timeless, witnessing awareness has been hypnotized (distracted) by a fictitious, self-centered, ‘me’ story of being born in form (the illusion of limitation and separation). It all starts with the ill-conceived idea of believing ourselves (as awareness) to be limited to the body-mind, personal experiences, beliefs, social-cultural conditioning, etc.

Once you realize and fully accept that you are not the form/content (your thoughts, moods, sensory perceptions, social roles and personal story), which are all inevitably subject to change- therefore illusory, you can finally rest as the unchanging, unconditioned awareness that you are; the natural, essential state of beingness that cannot be named, only known, through direct experience.

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Spiritual Awakening


A spiritual awakening, can happen slowly, a gradual understanding that creeps upon us. Like awaking from a long and deep sleep. Or it can happen suddenly, with such a powerful force that life seems to change in an instant. Never to be the same again. So what is a spiritual awakening? For each person the experience is unique, though similar. A contradiction I know. But it is difficult to explain it, in any other words. As human beings we are all very similar. Yet different. Our life experiences, again will be similar, for that is how we can relate to and sympathise with other people’s life stories. Yet it is as individual to us as our finger prints. No one person will feel, sense or see things in exactly the same way as someone else. And so the experience of a spiritual awakening will be the same.

To describe a spiritual awakening. I can only liken it to a all pervading sense, a knowing that there is much more to life then what we can see, feel or hear with our physical senses.

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