The Voyage Of Self Discovery


Cambridge’s Online Dictionary defines self discovery as “the process of learning about yourself and your beliefs”. And so it is a life long journey; one that begins the day you take your first breath.

Every day we can learn something new about ourselves through the decisions we make, reactions we have to others, and the beliefs we’ve built along the way. Often there is a catalyst which makes us want to delve deeper into the soul, discover why we behave the way we do, and what it all means.

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The Key To Independence


Most people like to think they are independent; being independent means you don’t need anyone or anything to help you live your life. When we were younger, we needed our parents, or carers, to look after us because we were unable to look after ourselves. They brought us food, clothed us and reassured us when we felt ill or scared. I’m sure you’ll agree that it feels nice to be loved and cared for. This is part of the reason why people continue to depend on their parents.

Nowadays, with the high costs involved in buying their first home and the gloom of the economic downturn, more and more young people are staying with their parents well into their thirties. They trust their parents to look after them, when the world outside of their cosy nest seems harsh and unfriendly. What their parents don’t realize is that they are preventing their child from growing as a person. Independence means learning to make your own decisions and taking a chance on life. When young people continue to lean on their parents, they are not taking responsibility for their own lives.

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