Conversation With Uri Geller


I am sure many of you have heard of Uri Geller, he became famous in the 1970′s showing the world how powerful the mind could be if utalised. He is most famous for bending spoons with his mind, or growing seeds in his hand. I am not going to try to get you to believe that all he does is true. You have your own mind and it is up to you to decide for yourself.

I met him in person several years ago and the one thing that stood out for me was his steeliness, I have not met anyone else so assured mentally, his eyes and his presence was of a man who gets what he asks for. Something that comes in very handy when your job is mental work.

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Paranormal Activity


Paranormal activity is something that isn’t usual. It also refers to circumstances and experiences that can’t be explained rationally. When talking about paranormal activity, most people will automatically think of ghosts, poltergeists and UFOs. These are popular types of paranormal activity that are so intriguing they become the subject of popular books and movies. Other types of paranormal activity are less obvious but are still open to explanation – things such as ESP and telekinesis (the ability to move objects using one’s mind) are just two examples. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular examples:

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Fear Of The Unknown


If you speak to anyone, it is likely that they will have some sort of fear, even if it is only a minor fear. When somebody has an irrational fear that seriously affects their life, then it can be classed as a phobia. For example, a person may limit their career options, if they are unable to travel abroad for business meetings, due to their fear of flying. Other common fears are: fear of spiders; fear of public speaking and fear of heights.

Sometimes people grow out of their fears; a child who is scared of the dark learns, as they grow older, that the dark is nothing to be scared of, as it can’t harm them. Children who are scared of the dark are really scared of the unknown. In the dark, they can’t see as well as they can in the daylight. They may hear unexplained noises, or the lights outside may cause large, scary shadows to appear on their bedroom walls. The child feels vulnerable, alone and craves reassurance.

These feelings are the same for adults who have a fear of the unknown. A lot of people like to plan ahead; they like routine and dislike change. They have a fear of the future, because it is something unknown. Those who believe in fate may worry that the future has something bad in store for them. Others fear things that they can’t explain or understand. Some older people fear new technology, because it is unknown to them; they didn’t have those things, when they were younger, and so they mistrust new devices, preferring to stick to things that are familiar to them. It is common for some elderly people to have large bundles of money under their mattresses, due to their fear of banks taking all of their money.

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