The 12 Illuminations


The Spirit asked me to write out 12 intentions for daily living. These are beliefs, ideologies and attitudes which you intend to exhibit each and every day.

Many people ask me ‘what do you believe in?’ or ‘what do you teach?’. Both of these imply some sort of rigid system, and that spirituality is somewhat likened to religion. It’s not.

Spirituality at its core is all about freedom. The freedom to be able to connect, understand and express your soul’s true spiritual nature. With this in mind, read the Illuminations below and take note of their practical usefulness. Spirituality should make sense, it should be relatively easy to apply and most importantly: it should feel resonant with your own heart.

It’s important you remember these are not commandments as a commandment inevitably becomes hard, resistant and incapable of change. These are illuminations which allows for your personal adaption, investigation and eventual evolution.

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Communicating With Spirit


Communicating with spirit is something that comes naturally, if you are a medium. Mediums often start to see,, or hear, spirits when they are young children. Some people believe that all of us are able to do this because our minds are open to unexplained phenomena, as we don’t have to rationalise everything. Unfortunately, as we grow older we become suspicious of anything that we can’t explain. Adults tell us there is no such thing as ghosts, so we stop believing in them. It isn’t known why mediums still retain the ability to communicate with spirit; however, a lot of mediums come from families who are also mediums, so this may have something to do with it.

All of have latent psychic powers, which can be developed further. Communicating with spirit is something that not all of us will be able to do, yet there are some things you can try, which may open up channels of communication between you. It is important to remember that spirits are like people; there are kind ones and there are malicious ones who enjoy causing trouble. There are also some evil spirits that are linked to black magic, so you should be careful that you don’t become mixed up in the dark arts, when you first attempt to communicate with spirit.

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Seeing Beyond This World


The world as we know it, is made up of varying degrees of density and energy. Some people believe, that there are many layers, dimensions that also exist around us. But by far the most commonly held belief is that of a spirit world. A place that is not in some far off corner of the universe, but within our own world, only on a different plane of existence.

For the majority of people, the dimension of spirit is,  for most of the time invisible. The reason why it is so difficult for all of us to connect with the spirit world,  is because it exists at a higher vibrational rate then that of the physical earth.  Human beings actively live and communicate at a much lower rate. But, for a gifted few, who have the ability to bridge the gap between the physical  world and the next, they are able to see, hear and communicate with those who live and dwell in that place.

Have you ever visited a special place, a place of power and energy. A holy shrine; standing stones; often built on energy or ley lines chosen especially for their ability to amplify spiritual and psychic energy.  Or a place of incredible natural beauty.  The air is so still and quiet, except for the natural sounds around you. All your senses are incredibly heightened. Just for a moment, you feel a tingling sensation and catch sight of something just out of the corner of your eye. You try to focus on it, but it slips just out of your line of vision. I believe these places are natural portals or doorways between this world and the spirit world.  Just for a moment we get a glimpse of the other-side. The conditions are just right for the innate psychic awareness I believe we all have, to come to the surface.

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Spiritual Awareness


Spiritual awareness is being open to the idea that there is a God, or a higher power that is leading you through life. It is being open to the messages you receive from this higher power, through your intuition. You don’t have to be psychic to develop your spiritual awareness, either; although, psychics do tend to have a highly-developed intuition and some psychic mediums are able to communicate directly with spirit. You can develop your intuition by practising regular meditation; this just means emptying your mind. When you first start to meditate, you may find that the worries of the day keep flitting through your mind, but don’t worry – this is perfectly natural. The more you practise meditation, this will happen less and less until you are able to clear your mind, for at least a few minutes per session. During these few minutes, you may find a unique sense of peace. This is your connection to spirit. You may receive messages from your intuition in the form of symbols, or other thoughts. You may want to make a note of these, after your session.

So, what is spirit? Spirit is another word for the soul. We are spiritual beings living in a physical body and it is a common belief, in many religions, that, once we die, the soul, or spirit, leaves the physical body and returns back to the spirit world. When mediums contact deceased friends or relatives, they are talking to the spirits of those who have passed. This can be comforting for many people, because it is proof of the existence of the afterlife.

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