Understanding Guilt


Guilt, is a driving force that is as common as love and as damaging as hate. It is more insidious, more difficult to escape and more persistently destructive then lust, ambition, ego or vanity. Most of us suffer from it some of the time; some of us suffer from it, all of the time. The truth is, the more you care about others and the more sensitive and considerate you are, the more likely you will be to suffer from guilt. It is believed that guilt itself, is not a ‘real’ emotion. It is more a sense of self judgement; that comes from knowing or feeling that you have done something wrong. The emotional aspect that affects us I believe, is the feelings of pain, remorse and regret that guilt elicits from us.

We tend to think of guilt in very stark terms of black and white. We know that we feel guilty when we do something that we know is wrong.

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Patience Is A Virtue


Without it you are nothing, with it life opens to you like a flower on a spring morning. Patience is a simple word, but in practice it has the power to completely change your life. The word is derived from Latin, the word Pati means to suffer, to endure without complaint. None of us are born with the quality of patience, more the opposite, we were born with a total lack of patience. As babies virtually everyone of you reading this, would have cried and had a tantrum if you did not get what you wanted instantly. Therefore patience is a learned skill not something that comes totally natural.

If your teachers in early life were poor, it would of only made you more selfish, more greedy, more impatient. Usually if a child gets less it starts to appreciate what it does get. If a child is spoilt, it will expect more and more. The key is finding the balance and the key for you, is unlearning every bad way that has left you with a  lack of patience. If you lack patience, you have not learned to endure hardship, you have learned the opposite, to complain and moan all the way until you get what you want, that is if you ever get it.

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