Forward Thinking


A forward thinking person, is someone who not only can be defined as an individual who plans for the future. But could also be described as a ‘Visionary’. Someone who believes they have a purpose in life. Or has a vision they believe in for the future. A future that they would like to see, come to fruition. This vision can stretch from encompassing themselves and their loved ones. To the whole world.

Spiritually, we often talk about not living in the past or worrying about the future. That the only thing that is of real importance, is what is happening here and now, in the present. While I believe this to be true from a mindfulness and awareness of life point of view. It does not mean that we cannot make plans for the future.

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Problem Solving


If asked, the majority of people will admit to regularly having to deal with problems in their daily lives. Some will be easier to deal with then others. Practical every day problems such as getting a home appliance fixed or replaced can be simple. So can arranging for the car to be repaired if it has broken down. These types of problems are straight forward,  although often annoying and time consuming. Unlike other problems that can happen in life, that come out of the blue and are not so easy to fix.

Problem solving can fall into more then one category. But the techniques we can use to solve them will  be  similar. For example.  A good way to approach most problems it is helpful  to:-

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Becoming The Real You


If you were to ask people who they really were, nine times out of ten they would open their hands expressively and say ” Your looking at it! This is me, what you see is what you get”. I believe that this is said in all honesty. But is it really true!

Who we are, the image we present to the world, is often a composite of learned behaviour and habits picked up from other people. We live in a culture where there is a lot of pressure to conform with the majority. Even those people who like to be a little bit different, will still do so within a group of like-minded people. What we wear, the music we like, our political opinions are all influenced to a large degree by our parents and peer pressure. Wanting to fit in. To be admired, respected and thought well of by our own particular circle of friends.

Do you always say what you mean? Are you able to give an honest opinion without thinking first about how it might be received by other people? Do you actually know what it is that you believe that you haven’t learned second hand from someone else? These are all questions that you should ask yourself, if you want to determine to what degree you are being your true self.

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The Power Of Thought


There has been a lot of research done, over the years, on the mind and how it works, particularly the subconscious mind and the power it has over you. You may not realize this, but your thoughts control your life. Everything you have in your life right now has been brought to you by the power of your thoughts. Unbelievable, but true.

This is why it is so important that you monitor the thoughts you have on a daily basis. If you’re like me, you will probably have all sorts of things going through your mind during a typical day, but be careful of any negative thoughts that cross your mind. It isn’t an accident that optimistic people live longer than pessimists and have happier lives as a result of their positivity. Negative thoughts are powerful; they attract negative circumstances and situations into your life.

Have you ever woken up and nothing seemed to go right: you dropped your toast on the floor; spilled coffee down your new blouse and then your car wouldn’t start. In those types of situations, your negative thoughts lead to more powerful negative outcomes and it’s like a vicious circle. You had one annoying experience and your first thought was probably, ‘it’s going to be one of those days’ or ‘bad things come in threes’ and then you are proven right as the rest of your day brings more of the same ‘unlucky’ scenarios.

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