How To Manifest Psychically


How does one manifest psychically? Well, in actuality we all manifest psychically all the time. However what one needs to do is to learn how to create using their psychic power in a more deliberate matter.

Everything consists of psychic power. All of what you see, including your physical apparatus, is energy. This invisible psychic energy is constantly changing, moving, morphing and crystallizing into form in response to the vibrational frequency that you are emitting. In other words, the psychic energy that you put out determines the external manifestations that you get back in experience.

All thoughts are fuelled by psychic energy in motion. This psychic e-motion is eventually solidified into form as similar thoughts like it are repeated and repeated. When a thought is emitted, like thoughts of its same psychic energy begin to formulate in quick succession. As these thoughts are repeated more and more, an eventual manifestation comes into form.

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