Psychic Conmen


Type “Psychic Conman” or “Psychic Jailed” or similar search terms into google, and you will find many stories about fraudulent psychics or you will find stories about innocent people who have been conned by so called psychics. Sylvia Mitchell tops google for defrauding people out of thousands of dollars, after promising vulnerable people that she could get rid of negative energy. I do not know the ins and outs of the story, but obviously there was a lot of money involved, or it probably would not have gone to court.

Fooling people to part with their money is not a new trick, for thousands of years, potions have been sold, stating they would cure anything from baldness to leprosy. People will often pay out thousands for a cure, especially if their search becomes desperate. It is a sad start of affairs, when people become desperate, a dark side always draws close happy to make something out of the bargain.

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