Manifesting Good Fortune


Good fortune, is so much more than a fortunate occurrence. And contrary to popular belief – it is not dependent on fate, or the universe smiling down benevolently upon you. Happy and fruitful circumstances – good fortune, is a condition that you can purposefully cultivate. So how can I do this? I hear you ask. The answer is quite simply, that you have it within you the power to make it happen.

This is the power of positive intention! By  harnessing and focusing this power,  you can  create a good life for yourself.  Be it financial prosperity, good health or happiness within your personal relationships.

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Believe In Yourself


Self belief is a quality that confident, positive people have in abundance. They are often individuals, who have grown up within a warm and loving environment. Their abilities and good qualities praised and nurtured from an early age. Sadly, not everyone is fortunate enough to have had such a good start in life. Indeed, quite the opposite may have occurred. Neglected, unloved and sometimes abused. For these people, believing in themselves and having a healthy sense of self worth can be very hard. They may have been told many times, that they were unlovable, stupid and worthless. Many of us fall somewhere in between these two extremes; And whilst we do have some sense of self worth and belief. There is always room for improvement.

So how do we start to improve our own sense of self love, self worth and self esteem? I believe a good place to start, is through self understanding.

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Guardian Angels


It is believed by many people the world over, that a Guardian Angel is appointed to look after, guard and protect us from the day we are born. It does not matter what religion you are, or what country you come from. You don’t have to believe in them, but you have one.

The Ancient Greeks were the first to record the existence of angels. They were often mentioned in the works of Plato. They have also been mentioned numerous times in the religious beliefs of Islam, Judaism, Christianity and many more.

Guardian Angels are said to exist to protect and comfort us in times of fear and pain.  There have been many stories given by people who have claimed to have been saved by their guardian angel when faced with a life threatening or extremely dangerous situation. As if seized from the jaws of death, or plucked inches from disaster.  One man reported falling from a ladder he had been using to fix the roof of his house. He said, it felt as if he was being held and that he floated to the floor rather then fell.

When I was 9 years old; I was just about to step out onto the road, without looking both ways as I had been taught. My mind fixed on the ice-cream van parked across from me. When I heard my name being called really loudly and felt myself being pulled back onto the curb. A car sped past at great speed. If I had carried on walking I have no doubt it would have hit me as it was travelling to fast to stop.  I believe that day my Guardian Angel was looking after me,  and from the many angel stories I have read by other people, they believe that too.

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Listening To The Soul


When Mankind first walked on this earth, before there was religion, before there was fire; there was spiritual belief. To Early man, all life was a mystery; he lived off the land gathering in the spring hunting through the summer, gathering in the autumn, and hoping to survive the elements through the winter.  They would express themselves with a primitive and natural curiosity about life and having no scientific explanations to confuse or block out their finely tuned instincts. They listened to and trusted their ‘gut instincts’ their intuition. For often it would save their lives. They never questioned it, they accepted it naturally and would often see ‘signs’ in the animal and natural world as confirmation.

However it is clear that their spiritual beliefs come from more then just a reverence for nature. It amounted to actually interacting with nature in a spiritual way. We have found evidence of this in items discovered that show that early man had evolved he could hear the spirit world and could communicate spiritually on a regular basis. It might be said that it was their harsh living conditions and circumstances that were responsible for this phenomenon to occur. As few modern men/women can comprehend or understand just how difficult life was then. Guidance and blessings were often sought and miracles were undoubtedly more commonplace. Early man was definitely more in tune with the spirit world and their souls then we are today.

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