Psychic Abilities


For hundreds, if not thousands of years, human beings have been fascinated by the supernatural and by those who appear to wield psychic powers. Our ancestors revered and feared them in equal measure. For people fear what they do not understand. But at the same time, hold those who seem able to sense and see things that the ordinary person cannot, in awe and respect.

They believed that their Shamans;  Medicine men and women, Oracles and Seers all had the ability to see beyond the physical world and commune with spirit. They were deemed to play a vital and important role in taking care of the physical and spiritual welfare of their people. In times of sickness, famine and war, they were the ones that the people turned to for help and guidance.

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Psychic Powers


You may have wondered why some people have psychic powers and others don’t. The truth is, there are many different types of psychic ‘powers’ or skills that some people are born with and others can develop with proper training. The term psychic power is misleading, as it gives us the impression that being psychic is something magical that only a select group of people can achieve. As with most things, psychic powers are really just skills that can be learned and developed further with regular practice.

Children are more open to experiencing psychic events and are able to communicate with spirit, as their cognitive skills are still developing and they are more receptive to messages from spirit and their higher selves. It is only when we grow older that our conscious minds start to interfere with our psychic skills. We don’t want to admit we believe in angels or ghosts and so we close ourselves off from the psychic powers we had as children.

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