Dreams & Health


The body as a whole is an excellent source of dream imagery. Particularly given the number of body related metaphors in daily use. In general the head and its features are related to spiritual or intellectual matters; whereas dreams of the torso and limbs are to do with physical concerns or instincts. The heart, is the traditional centre of our emotional lives and actual source of our life force. Phrases such as ‘broken-hearted’ or ‘the heart of the matter’ may feature in dreams, but it often represents love. Either yours or  the love for someone else or the love that surrounds you.

Blood is a very powerful dream symbol. It represents the life force within everyone, literally the life blood of the human race. To dream about blood is connected to our physical and mental strength or general health. If you dream you are bleeding, you may be concerned about a loss of morale, will power and physical strength. The dream is probably only telling you what you already are aware of; But,  it is strange how we often ignore the detrimental affects that our lifestyles and relationships have upon us in waking time. But when we dream about it in such a literal way, seeing ourselves being drained of our life force, our life blood,  it can often be the wake up call we need to do something about it!

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The Yoga Of Life


Life can be very stressful these days; with the global economy in meltdown and the cost of living rising, it’s not surprising that people are working harder than ever just to survive; perhaps juggling more than one job and raising a family at the same time. If you are one of those people, then it is very important that you start to bring some balance back into your life. You need to make time for you because if you don’t then you are likely to become overwhelmed and stressed, which can lead to disease.

There are many ways to bring balance back into your life; one of these is yoga. A lot of people are put off by yoga because they believe it is linked to Hinduism or Buddhism and therefore conflicts with their own religion. This isn’t the case at all; a lot of Hindus and Buddhists practice yoga, but it isn’t linked to any religion. They do it to bring peace and balance into their lives. They understand the positive benefits it can bring. Other people think that it is something only mystical people or psychics can do. I do yoga and I don’t have any mystical or psychic powers! Anybody can do yoga; it is just a form of meditation and gentle exercise – it’s nothing to be scared of

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