Positive Attitude


Staying positive in the face of adversity can be very difficult and extremely daunting for most people. But it need not be. Particularly if you can learn to cultivate a positive attitude within yourself. How individuals deal with problems in life or cope with obstacles, very much depends on their personality. People tend to fall into two categories: Those who see life as a constant battle; where everything that can go wrong will. They believe that they are always the victim of someone elses malice, and unwilling to accept responsibility for their actions or that they might have played a part in the problems they are experiencing. Or, someone who accepts and understands that their life will go through ups and downs; And that it happens to everyone. They believe that the difficulties they face are part of the growing up process, a life lesson, that is a challenge to be met and overcome. And by doing so, they will grow stronger and wiser as individuals.

Whichever category you fall into. There is no doubt, that the roots of your attitudes and beliefs about life, that make up your personality, will almost always lie in early life. We are heavily influenced by those experiences in our formative years; and the people who had a hand in how our characters developed.

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The Answers Lie Within


Though many people may think that the thoughts and idea’s they have are drawn from themselves; in truth they are for the main part a product of the information and knowledge acquired through their outer life and exterior sources. From our teachers, parents, books, the many varied opinions of others and our personal life experiences. Travel also broadens the horizons, extending our knowledge far beyond that of the familiar boundaries of home.

In spite of this wonderful abundance of information and sources of help and guidance that is available to us, there are still many things we do not know. Particularly in respect of ourselves. Though there are professionals in the field of counselling and therapy, who are deemed to be qualified in helping us understand the complex workings of the mind and emotional state. Ultimately, they are simply using a template for all, rather then knowing what is right for us as individuals. If only people would realise, that they have within their reach, a guide, a teacher, a therapist, a counsellor who can help them better then anyone else;  And that is ‘the inner therapist, guide and teacher’ within.

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