What Happens When We Die?


As a psychic medium of over thirty-five years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to be given a glimpse into the afterlife and what happens when we die. I truly believe if everyone could see what I see, no one would ever be afraid of death. Of course, I am, like most people, afraid of a violent or painful death, but once I have left the premises I know there is nothing to fear. Please allow me to share some of the most common experiences of souls as they cross into the spirit world.

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The Seven Archangels


The belief in Angels, is a very personal thing and one many people share. Even those people who are not particularly religious. We love to wear angel jewellery and to give angel amulets and keepsakes to our loved ones, to protect and keep them safe. We hang angel pictures on our walls and keep angel ornaments around the house. So is it any wonder then, that books about angels and angelic experiences, written by authors such as Doreen Virtue and Lorna Byrne are so popular. There is no doubt, that belief in angels is a powerful part of our psyche and one that shows no sign of abating. So let us look more closely at the phenomenon of Angels, who they are and why they are around us.

The word Angel is derived from the Greek word angelos, which means messenger. Malakh, the Hebrew word for angel, also means messenger, and both words nicely coincide with the Persian word for angel, angaros, similarly meaning a courier.

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