The Voice Within


Deep within you is a soft small voice, that constantly strives to be heard over the incessant chatter of your mind. This voice is the one who knows the silent yearnings of your heart and soul;  The one, who if you would only listen can help to guide you safely through your life’s journey.

The inner voice, also known as the intuitive or higher self. Is that part of you that is eternally connected to the universal consciousness. The universal consciousness can be likened to a continuous river of intuitive and psychic energy, that you are able to tap into any time you need it. Within it lies all the wisdom and experience that you have accumulated through previous lives. As well as the accumulated spiritual wisdom of enlightened beings and spiritual masters. At its head is the source of all things, the Christ consciousness; The divine, an eternal spring of creation and pure, unconditional love.

There is no need to seek out other people, to ask for their thoughts and opinions on your life situation. For all the answers already lie within you. How can someone else know, what is right for you. They have not lived your life or walked in your shoes. Though we may believe, that other people, seem to have all the answers, rarely do they! They struggle with the same problems as you do, and like you mistakenly think that others know more or better then they do.

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Automatic Writing


Automatic writing is exactly what is says. Writing automatically without thinking about what you will write.  People commonly think of this technique in connection to their psychic development. But it can also be used as a therapeutic tool for self awareness and self growth. Through a question and answer scenario, you can explore area’s of your life that are troubling you. You write down your question; then, without thinking about it, write down exactly what comes to mind. Even if it is only one word answers; by free association thinking, this method can give you some interesting insight, as to where you are ‘at’ mentally and emotionally. Some of your answers might surprise you! It is believed by cutting out the ‘middle man’ your ‘conscious mind’, and working straight from the ‘unconscious’, you are getting straight to the source of the problem.

The conscious mind, can and does cause conflict and distortion through our fears and ego. The unconscious mind is not hampered by this problem.

By far the most commonly held association for the term ‘automatic writing’ is that which involves opening oneself up to not only your own subconscious but also to spiritual beings and entities who might have some positive information and wisdom to share with you. If you are contemplating doing this, or any type of psychic/spiritual practice it is important to use grounding and protection. For those of you who are unfamiliar with these terms, let me explain them for you. Grounding is the earthing of your energy to the natural energy field of the earth. If you are not grounded you may feel light headed, and off balance. Protection is a psychic shield that protects your auric field. It is through the auric field that we process the energy we come into contact with.

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The Heart And The Higher Self


Though no energy center is ‘more important’ than another, the heart chakra is the multidimensional filter of our existence. Here, we learn to see with the brain and think with the heart.

When the heart chakra is activated and open, you begin to live in a state of compassion. You have this compassion for all things, including yourself. You love others, unconditionally, just as you love yourself. You evolve away from creating with the lower vibrational energy fear to creating with the empowering energy of love. This is what it’s like to live from the frequency of love.

Once you have experienced opening up your heart chakra it is a natural progression to work on the 6 other major chakras within the etheric body. The goal being to become aware of and integrate these energy centres to create a loving and unifying existence. From this state of being, you are able to compassionately extract the loving aspects of everyone and everything.

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