How To Be True To Yourself


How often have you held back what you were wanting to say because you were worried about what others might think about you? Isn’t it funny how we often allow others to be who they are, even when we don’t particularly like or approve of their actions or words, and yet we are not prepared to do the same for ourselves.

Have you ever wondered why it is that some of the people around you do or say things that you find upsetting or annoying, but you still love being around them? The main reason we connect with others is because we are attracted to their energy. Often we believe the reason why others like us, is because of the way we act around them. Although some of that is truth, it is our energy that is the lighthouse beacon they are drawn to.

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Truth & Honesty


If asked many people would claim to be truthful and honest in their dealings with other people. If questioned further, they might admit to the odd ‘white lie’. But would say, that they were not really lying just rearranging the facts a little or omitting a vital piece of information for the sake of peace; or in consideration of the feelings of the other person.  The question you have to ask yourself is; if you were the one wanting an honest answer or to be given the true facts of a situation. Would you feel lied to if you were to discover later on, that the information you were given was not accurate or had been altered to suit the purposes of someone else, no matter how well intentioned their motives had been?

This type of lying or dishonesty can easily become a well established habit. Each time we change a story or version of events to suit ourselves, it becomes easier and easier to do. Is it little wonder then that so many people today have issues with trust, in their personal relationships and day to day dealings with other people.

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Becoming The Real You


If you were to ask people who they really were, nine times out of ten they would open their hands expressively and say ” Your looking at it! This is me, what you see is what you get”. I believe that this is said in all honesty. But is it really true!

Who we are, the image we present to the world, is often a composite of learned behaviour and habits picked up from other people. We live in a culture where there is a lot of pressure to conform with the majority. Even those people who like to be a little bit different, will still do so within a group of like-minded people. What we wear, the music we like, our political opinions are all influenced to a large degree by our parents and peer pressure. Wanting to fit in. To be admired, respected and thought well of by our own particular circle of friends.

Do you always say what you mean? Are you able to give an honest opinion without thinking first about how it might be received by other people? Do you actually know what it is that you believe that you haven’t learned second hand from someone else? These are all questions that you should ask yourself, if you want to determine to what degree you are being your true self.

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