Open Your Third Eye


Did you realize you actually DO have a physical third eye? Ancient esoteric teachers long felt we are somehow connected to higher levels of consciousness through a “third eye.” They were right!

Come discover how this works in your brain (easy to understand). Then use the provided insights and tools to expand YOUR consciousness and natural psychic abilities (we all have them) by opening the vision of your pineal gland third eye. Written by a pioneer brain/mind researcher who is also a doctor of psychology and dedicated metaphysician. Includes tools you can immediately begin to use.

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The Beauty Of Nature


Mankind has long had a sacred and spiritual connection to the earth and nature; And not just because we depend on the land to feed, shelter and sustain us. But on a much deeper and profound level. I believe that the earth is a sentient and self regulating entity, that adapts and maintains the suitable conditions for life on our planet. This process seems to happen with ease, a fluid and natural thing, as long as we do not tamper with it. Do we as human beings have the ability to tap into this phenomena, and in doing so, can we use it as a means to re balance our own natural energies, that are often out of balance?

Walking, sitting and just being out in nature, can often evoke in people a sense of awe or wonderment. They feel a strong sense of connectedness or oneness with the natural world; a profound feeling of transcendence (within and without); a belief in a power greater than oneself; and an appreciation of the beauty in nature. It sparks feelings of inner peace, hope, joy and empowerment; promotes physical and emotional well-being, and can bring about ‘significant’ changes in attitude and behaviour.

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