Life Change Ahead or Dead End?


Are you keeping your potential locked in the fortress of identity? You want to make a major or minor life change. But first, you might first be wondering. What the heck is the fortress of identity? It is your self-concept; your beliefs, feelings, thoughts and assumptions about who you are. It is a fortress you have built after living life with its disappointments and frustrations.

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Fulfilling Your Potential


In terms of spiritual growth, we often hear people express the desire to ‘fulfill their full potential’.  In life in general, particularly when at school, or in the working environment, you will also probably have heard the words;  “I know you can do better, you have such potential!” So let us look at what the word potential actually means, and ask yourself whether or not you are living your life to the full, and bringing out your full potential.

The definition of the word potential can have the following meanings; Capable of being but not yet in existence; Having possibility, capability, or power. The inherent ability or capacity for growth, development, or coming into being. Have you ever asked yourself, “am I leading the life I envisioned for myself? Have I made the most of all the opportunities that life has offered me so far? Do I have a tendency to roll along in life, getting things done with minimum effort on my part? Could I have got more out of life, if I’d tried harder?

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