Positive Thinking


Your whole life is a reflection of what you think, you create the world you see with your every thought. If your mind is full of positivity, you will see a world brimming with happiness and opportunity. On the other hand if your mind is full of negativity, all you will see is problems and a lack of hope. The world can become very dark if your mind has lost its positive glow.

The mind is very fragile, you should tend to it like a garden, beautiful thoughts will not flower if your mind is full of invasive negative thoughts. How can you expect to find happiness, if you allow those negative thoughts to grow unchecked. You must see them for what they are, you must remove them from your mind, and in their place you must sow the seed of understanding instead. When you begin to understand, doubt and confusion begins to die within your mind. Problems only take root, because you are left in the dark, if your mind is full of light it goes without saying, that you will see more and know more.

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The Courage To Continue


There can be times in our lives, when not only is it difficult to get through the day, for some, simply putting one foot in front of the other, can feel like a mountain to climb. We live in an age where there is constant pressure. To compete, to succeed, to live up to the expectations of others and the responsibility for providing for our families financial security and emotional well-being. We do this gladly and with love, but over time, if life has proven to be very difficult, it can take its toll and many people suffer physical and mental burnout.


Long term stress can seriously deplete the body; and in spite of the warning signals people receive from their bodies, many ignore them. By sheer force of will they carry on, long after they should have stopped.  Not realising the damage they are doing to themselves.  Continually striving to keep going, bouncing back from one obstacle after another, until one day the mind and body says enough!


This kind of experience can be overwhelming and frightening. We take our bodies so much for granted, and it is not until they stop doing what we want them to do, do we finally appreciate them. Plenty of rest and a good diet, is often enough to repair the physical damage to the body. Unless it is something skeletal, or muscular, in which case there may be the need for a much longer recovery period and medical treatment.  By far the most difficult thing that people find to recover from is the emotional damage. The loss of confidence and self belief. Acute anxiety and depression,  is responsible for many people having to take time off work or being in long term unemployment.

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Patience Is A Virtue


Without it you are nothing, with it life opens to you like a flower on a spring morning. Patience is a simple word, but in practice it has the power to completely change your life. The word is derived from Latin, the word Pati means to suffer, to endure without complaint. None of us are born with the quality of patience, more the opposite, we were born with a total lack of patience. As babies virtually everyone of you reading this, would have cried and had a tantrum if you did not get what you wanted instantly. Therefore patience is a learned skill not something that comes totally natural.

If your teachers in early life were poor, it would of only made you more selfish, more greedy, more impatient. Usually if a child gets less it starts to appreciate what it does get. If a child is spoilt, it will expect more and more. The key is finding the balance and the key for you, is unlearning every bad way that has left you with a  lack of patience. If you lack patience, you have not learned to endure hardship, you have learned the opposite, to complain and moan all the way until you get what you want, that is if you ever get it.

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The Answers Lie Within


Though many people may think that the thoughts and idea’s they have are drawn from themselves; in truth they are for the main part a product of the information and knowledge acquired through their outer life and exterior sources. From our teachers, parents, books, the many varied opinions of others and our personal life experiences. Travel also broadens the horizons, extending our knowledge far beyond that of the familiar boundaries of home.

In spite of this wonderful abundance of information and sources of help and guidance that is available to us, there are still many things we do not know. Particularly in respect of ourselves. Though there are professionals in the field of counselling and therapy, who are deemed to be qualified in helping us understand the complex workings of the mind and emotional state. Ultimately, they are simply using a template for all, rather then knowing what is right for us as individuals. If only people would realise, that they have within their reach, a guide, a teacher, a therapist, a counsellor who can help them better then anyone else;  And that is ‘the inner therapist, guide and teacher’ within.

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