Understanding Telepathy


What is telepathy? Telepathy is the communication or transfer of ideas or thoughts by means other than the 5 physical senses. This is using the 6th sense to communicate with others regardless of distance or space from one another. When telepathy occurs, there is a strong psychic connection, which facilitates the communication.

The key to Understanding telepathy is to remember that the Universe is made up of the same one substance. That means that everything in and around you is made up of the same source energy. What this ultimately means is that we are connected to the Universe and everything in it. We all share the same Universal mind.

Because everything is connected, people are able to pick up psychic vibrations of thought frequencies. It is the most emotionally charged thoughts that can be easily picked up others. This is people who are spiritually close are able to do things like finish each other’s sentences. Or two people who share a strong psychic connection may be able to ‘just know’ what the other person is thinking by the look on their face. Telepathy takes form via vision, feelings and empathy.

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